Christmas is Coming!

Thanksgiving isn’t here yet but if you want to take your own Christmas card photos now is the time to be planning!

As the Guide for About Photography, helping people plan their Christmas card photos (and other holiday photos) is always a great part of my year.  Will your card highlight your child’s first trip to see Santa?  Perhaps you’ll let put an elf hat on the family cat and let her attack the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving to stage a “Christmas dinner destruction” shot?  There are so many ideas to explore.

The best piece of advice I can give however is a very simple one, let your photo fit your personality.  A formal posed photo of the family won’t be as special to a family that goes caroling in a homemade Santa sleigh.  Neither will a snowball fight photo be special to a family who prefers tradition.

Your card is yours, make sure it reflects your personality and not what you think others expect or want to see.

Stumped for ideas?  Check out my lists of Christmas Card Photo ideas over at About Photography.


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