Photographers are the Red-Headed Step-Children of the Art World

Red-headed step-child is an old saying meaning that one person is treated as worth nothing when compared to others.  It is certainly true when it comes to art.  Photographers routinely get the short end of the stick when it comes to respect in the art world.  Many galleries refuse to carry photography because it “isn’t art” while at the same time showing works that are photographs with paper glued on top of them.  People like Shepard Fairey and Richard Prince do everything but physically spit at photographers as they “appropriate” the photographer’s work and trace or decoupage over them to create monstrosities that mindless sheep then flock to purchase at outrageous prices.

I’ve written about this trend on Photography in much more polite terms but here I am free to say this sucks!  There really isn’t any other way to say it.  I am beyond sick and tired of these self-proclaimed “artists” calling photographers greedy for daring to want to make a living from their own labor.  I’m also flabbergasted at the insanity and complete lack of taste by the so-called art world that calls these mutilated photographs “art.”  I can only hope that this trend eventually dies out at more and more courts rightfully validate the claims of the photographers.


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