Manners Aren’t Just for Amateurs

A Twitter post from a reporter this morning about another reporter moving a bag to take a seat held for another reminded me of the absolute rudeness I’ve seen between photographers all to many times.  I’ve seen it more with photojournalists than at sporting events or other “regular” pros but it certainly happens far too often.  Examples I’ve seen include a photographer jumping between a mother and her child with Santa (yes, I remember his name to this day – 10 years later)  and photographers stepping in front of each other in addition to spectators at events.  Snarls and glares are common as photogs size each other up from across an event.  Helpful or friendly comments are met with sneers of derision.  It really is a shame that these “pro” photographers seem so intent on giving the rest of us a bad name.

Photo © Liz Masoner, all rights reserved

Gov. Bob Riley (photo © Liz Masoner)

I do have a wonderful memory of one of these rude photographers “losing” though.  At a press conference for Memorial Day, then Governor Bob Riley (always aware of every camera), made a point of looking towards and near every camera in the audience (pro and amateur) repeatedly.  As I snapped away from the opposite corner as the rest of the pro camera pack scowled more and more with each turn of Riley’s head.  Grow up and deal with it folks.  We’re there to bear witness to the event, the event doesn’t exist for us.  Get some manners guys!


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