New Photobucket Beta

Photobucket screenshot

It’s shiny and sleek but the best part about the new Photobucket beta release is under the hood.

One of the most frustrating things about digital photography is trying to keep track of where your photos are, which ones you’ve uploaded, what’s on the phone, what’s on the computer, what’s on the tablet…the organization needs would make Radar cry.

Photobucket addresses this with easy import from other social sites (no more digging through Facebook Timeline trying to find the photo you uploaded a week ago) and auto uploading from your computer and mobile devices.  You can of course still share out from Photobucket and now easier than ever before.  No more hunting for code – just pick what you what to do with the photo and in one click you have the code you need.

Privacy has been addressed in a big way as well.  Now you have the option of not only scrambled links but CHANGING scrambled links.  Even if someone does manage to share out a link it will change soon and the thief will be left high and dry.  If you’ve ever had photos stolen you know how important it is to have a layer of protection like this.

And the best part is still yet to come.  Soon Photobucket will release Photobucket Stories, a collaborative animated digital photo album that defies easy description but you will fall in love with when you see it.

Speaking of which – check out my full review (with video sneak peaks) over at Phorum Photographic and grab one of 50 beta keys to the new Photobucket!


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