Being a Mom Does Not Make One Stupid

Rant of the Week from PhotoLiz
Ever get something stuck in your craw? I mean really dug in to the point where certain words or phrases make you so mad your ears overheat?

The current trend of “anything a woman who is a mother does is tainted by her motherhood” is stuck in my craw. The terms Mommyblogger and Momographer in particular. It has become the newest way of dismissing the validity of a woman in business. Stick “mommy” or “mom” on the front of the profession and make her a joke. W T F?!?! I’ve seen this all before in different forms. The women can only be secretaries mentality. Women can only wear skirts at work (apparently if a man can’t see a women’s legs she is less capable of doing her job). Women managers expected to serve coffee to every male in meetings. The list goes on.

I’d like to blame it on men. That would be easy. It’s all a testosterone driven indulgence to see women as incapable and deserving only of ridicule. Unfortunately, that’s not it. A huge part of the “moms are stupid” campaign comes from women. Women dominated companies treat moms the absolute worst. Really? Are you so afraid of women with children? Are you so insecure that your decision not to have children wasn’t the only possible choice that you must lash out against those with children and still working?

Whatever the reasons, GET OVER IT! Being a mom does not involve scooping out one’s brain. If a woman is incompetent in her chosen career it isn’t because of having given birth. For the vast majority of moms in the workforce, being a mom only serves to make us more determined to shine in our chosen fields.

Why the rant on this instead of breaking pencils and punching computer monitors in silent fury? You can thank NickMom for that. The latest in the string of mass mocking of moms is NickMom. They’ve been caught not only making fun of the very demographic they are supposedly wanting to reach, but stealing content from moms (and even a few dads). Calls for them to do the right thing have been met with what can only be termed derision. (All the sordid details are collected over at Type-A Parent)

So to all those who would steal work and generally dismiss us because of our children I say this. Belittle our work and we fight back. Steal our work and we call in the lawyers. Worse yet for your reputation, we tell each other and on the Internet that means we tell the world.


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