Alien Skin Launches Alt Photo

Alt Photo by Alien Skin

Alt Photo by Alien Skin

Face it, Instagram rules the photo app world for two reasons only. 1. Ease of Sharing and 2. They were on the upswing of the curve during early adoption of the whole cell phone photography craze.

Well, the King Kong on top of the tower is about to meet its match. Where Instagram relies on heavy filters to basically hide the original photo…evening the playing field regardless of photographic merit, Alt Photo lets your photos shine for themselves. Quite frankly, Alt Photo makes Instagram look like a child’s doodles.


  • Full resolution images
  • Option for square photos
  • Share to multiple outlets at the same time: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and E-mail
  • Frame options
  • Choose large previews or thumbnails to browse effects
  • Wide array of film looks
  • Reload any of your 50 most recent shots and change the effect

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