Finding Fall Color in the Land of Pines

Alabama, and much of the deep South is a land of pine trees. Even in the dead of winter it is green when you look out the window. So what’s a photographer to do when all the gorgeous fall color photos start popping up on the web and all you see out your window is green?

Find Water

Go find a creek. The few trees we have that change color and then drop their leaves are water loving trees. Find a river, stream, or creek and you’ll increase your chances of finding something other than green.

Fallen Leaf in Water by Photo LizM,

Fallen Leaf in Water by Photo LizM,

Focus on the Details

Even when you find the deciduous trees that change color each Fall, there may not be a good burst of color that covers most of the tree. Many of our trees lose their leaves in small batches rather than changing to a gorgeous orange and then losing the leaves. If so, focus on close up shots and what is on the ground. Nothing says your Fall photos have to look like same as other folk’s Fall photos.

Detail of Fall Foliage by PhotoLiz,

Detail of Fall Foliage by PhotoLiz,

Gain a New Perspective

If you are truly dead set on a sweeping panorama of Fall foliage you’re going to have to find a high point. Get above it all from a mountaintop (there are high points, we are in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains after all). From a high vantage point you can better spot the few concentrations of strong color. Add in early morning light and it can truly be spectacular.


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