Acme Made Montgomery Street Camera Bag Collection

It’s not often that a camera bag is both well made and has style. Acme Made’s Montgomery Street collection actually manages this balancing act beautifully.

Slick styling and quality fabrics make the Montgomery Street collection right at home on the trail or a night out on the town. The larger bags also have collapsible gear compartments so you can use these bags for items other than your camera gear.

Collection Features

High quality fabric in two color choices, grey and olive green

FlexFold System that allows you to fold the camera gear compartments out of the way for a larger storage compartment

Quilted lining

The Montgomery Street Backpack

The largest of the Montgomery Street collection, this backpack style bag holds a compact camera or DSLR with lens attached, an additional lens (a 70mm-300mm is pushing the limits), a 13″ laptop (thin) plus more. Besides the lens compartment on the interior of the pack there is plenty of room for a small tripod or a small purse to be tucked away. The main camera compartment is side access and a bit tricky to get the camera in and out of but it closes securely and there is a fabric flap to prevent rain from entering the compartment. By far my favorite of the collection. Extra compartments that can fit your papers or camera accessories like memory cards, batteries, and filters. The only downside of the extra compartment is that the magnetic closures can be a bit tricky to get fastened. Once they are fastened though, they stay put. Purchase Acme Made Montgomery Street Digital SLR Camera/Tablet Backpack Case via Amazon (Grey)

The Montgomery Street Courier

The little sister of the backpack, the Courier bag is a shoulder carry bag that holds almost as much gear as the backpack. A compact camera or DSLR with lens attached, an additional basic lens, an iPad plus and more can be fit into the Courier bag but there are fewer extra compartments. Again, this is a side access bag for your camera body that is a bit tricky but secure. The extra compartments will hold papers like passport, license, and some memory cards but nothing thick like extra batteries. Once again, the magnetic closures take a moment to fasten but stay in place once closed. Purchase Acme Made Montgomery Street Digital SLR Camera/Tablet Courier Case (Grey) via Amazon

The Montgomery Street Kit Bag

The Kit bag is for the equipment minimalist. DSLR with lens or compact camera and an extra lens or table tripod are the only main gear you’ll fit in this bag. There is still room for your iPhone, memory cards, papers, and other small accessories in the zippered side pouch though, making this bag a great option for every day use when you don’t want a lot of bulk. A shoulder strap tucks away neatly when not in use as well.

The Montgomery Street Case

The Case is for carrying your compact camera and accessories in style. Plenty of room for a compact camera and accessories such as cords or chargers without adding bulk to this case. A sturdy wrist strap helps you hold on to this case that could easily be used as a small purse if you aren’t taking your camera with you. Finally, a good bag for those using cameras smaller than DSLRs. Purchase Acme Made Montgomery Street Case, Gray via Amazon


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