JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap

Every so often a product comes along that looks so radically different from other products of the same type that people stop and scratch their heads for a moment. JOBY’s new 3-Way Camera Strap is one of those products. It looks like the love child of a tripod adapter and a camera strap. However, don’t let looks fool you. This new twist on a camera strap isn’t some Shelley-inspired nightmare, it’s a powerfully adaptive tool for keeping your camera safe and ready for use.

Unlike traditional camera straps, the JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap allows you to quickly and easily convert from neck carry, to shoulder carry, to wrist carry. Also unlike traditional camera straps, it works with a huge variety of camera types. If your camera can attach to a tripod via the standard screw mount it can be used with the JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap.

When JOBY first approached me about reviewing this new camera strap I admit I was concerned about the cord that provides the variable length to the strap. After getting my hands on the strap I am confident that the multi-strand, woven cord is plenty strong enough to hold even a DSLR with 300mm lens securely. However, I would recommend periodically checking the connection points of the cord to the strap for signs of separation and wear on the rubber boots protecting the connection points. Those two points seem to be the most likely spots for potential problems.

The screw mount is of sturdy construction and seems much safer for connecting to your camera than all those nuts who walk around with a tripod on their shoulders with the camera attached (seriously people, what ARE you thinking when you do that?). Likewise the cord control button that holds the cord in place at the desired length is substantial and clicks into place with a solid feel that lets you know a connection has truly been made.

So would I use this camera strap? Yeah, I’d feel comfortable that this strap would keep my camera safely attached. The only real downsides of this strap are 1.) You can’t leave your tripod plate on the camera while using this strap and 2.) The thinner cord might look tempting to a thief with a seat belt cutter (like some use to cut purse straps).

Overall the benefits far outweigh the concerns I think. Easily stored when not on your camera, quick connection and disconnect, quick and easy adaptability, sturdy construction, quality materials, and reasonable pricing (suggested $39.99).

Joby 3-Way Camera Strap DSLRs or CSCs available at

Disclaimer: Review product was provided by the manufacturer/PR firm/retailer.


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