StickyAlbums Review

Apps, apps, apps, apps, apps. You hear it until your brain wants to explode. For a pro photographer, having an app is becoming a necessary part of business. Unfortunately, the process of creating an app on your own was confusing and hiring someone to make if for you was very expensive. Enter StickyAlbums. Fast, simple, and inexpensive for custom apps for EACH of your customers.

StickyAlbums lets you put a proof album in your clients’ hands quickly, in a form they can share (drum up more business), and inexpensively. For hobbyist photographers, StickyAlbums is a fantastic way to quickly share important family events such as photos of a new baby, family reunions, and birthdays.

StickyAlbum Features

HTML5 so StickyAlbums can be viewed across mobile platforms (note that some Android devices do not support this feature)
Custom for each client
Password option for added client security
Indefinite hosting – once you’ve paid for even one month, your albums are safe forever
Sharing to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter
Branding – include your logo and link to your website

What I Liked

  • Price
    At $21 a month or $189 a year, StickAlbums is a low cost solution to getting high quality apps into the hands of your customers
  • Ease of set up
    Set up is as simple as copying a few files, customizing your logo, and formatting your photos for web use
  • Branding
    While you’ll need to watermark your actual photos manually, the branding in the app itself is good with headers, custom icons, and keeping that branding as albums are shared is invaluable.
  • Results
    A professional quality app that can grow your business
  • Unlimited Hosting
    Once you purchase a plan you are unlimited in the number of albums you can create and they will be hosted forever, even if you later cancel your plan.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Limited Links
    The link to your website is from the logo only. There is no baked in link from your individual photos. StickyAlbums does say more linking options are coming soon.
  • Lack of Compression
    There is no built in compression to let you store more photos with less bandwidth. As it stands, it is best to recommend your clients first download the app and images when they can use a WiFi connection.

StickAlbum Video


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