Photobucket Stories

Way back in August Photobucket made some big changes. Now, what I thought was the most exciting change in the press demo, is live. Actually opened in November, it has been out long enough now most of the kinks should be worked out of an initial launch so heads up and go take a look.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth and impressive user engagement levels as a result of our recent redesign,” said Tom Munro, Photobucket’s CEO. “Our mission has always been to help people preserve and protect their memories, but now we’ve been able to take that a step further and turn memories into meaningful, unique stories; the new features we’ve built into the all-new Photobucket allow users to do so much more with their photos and video than ever before.”

Photobucket Stories allows users to easily create and collaborate on living stories by inviting friends and family to contribute photos, video and text to a single, sharable canvas. Once Stories are created, they are easily embeddable on blogs, personal, and brand sites, and can be shared among friends from mobile devices or across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Sharing photos and videos online is no long a mishmash of random items stored in multiple locations with only tagging to help you find them. Now, your friends and family can work together to create a coherent and unified story. Memories of family reunions can be collected and organized quickly and easily. New baby? Create a new story with help from friends as they upload photos from during the pregnancy. Whatever the event or memory, Photobucket Stories makes it easy to bring together all involved.

Some of the features

  • Create, curate and tell a complete story by combining photos, videos, text captions and comments
  • Add to stories from mobile devices with direct upload from camera rolls in both Android and iPhone
  • Share a story preview via Facebook Timeline, or directly invite Facebook friends to help contribute to a story
  • Control privacy settings to share your story with a select group – or the world

“With the addition of Stories, Photobucket continues to deliver on our promise to be the one place for all your photos and videos so you can do everything you want with them,” said Munro. “We’ve already taken the guesswork out of preserving and protecting your memories; but thanks to Stories, you can now add new context and meaning to your adventures, connecting with others in a more complete way than ever before.”


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