New Floors and Backdrops from White House Custom Color

Most of you know White House Custom Color for their photo processing but did you know they offer a line of high quality backgrounds and floors as well? WHCC loaned me one of the new backdrops and one of the new floors so I could give you the scoop on how they stack up.

WHCC New Floors and Backdrops,

WHCC New Floors and Backdrops,


We looked at the new brick by brick whitewashed backdrop.

First, get muslin and canvas out of your head. WHCC uses a 100% polyester material that is flame retardant and resists wrinkles. Also, unlike canvas, the texture of the fabric won’t show up in your photos. Designs are printed using a latex based ink directly onto the fabric. To test the wrinkle resistance we left the backdrop tightly folded for two weeks. When we hung it up there were no wrinkles.

This is a thick fabric, that while it drapes very easily, is also heavy enough to pull itself into a neat line without a lot of waves to fuss with. Also, WHCC backgrounds use a rod pocket hanging system so no fussing with clamps to get these backgrounds to stay on the stands.

As far as construction goes, the background seams were neatly serged around all sides and the rod pocket was both straight and neat. The print design had a few minor bobbles in the printing here and there but nothing that really stood out in the photos themselves. I was a bit surprised at the overall muted printing of the brick pattern however and the purple cast to the printing.

Overall I was pleased with the background and would certainly recommend this type of construction but would probably steer clear of the this particular brick design in the future as this one came across very flat (no depth of design) in photos.

Background sizes and pricing (as of this posting – subject to change):
10′ x 8′ for $240
6′ x 8′ for $175


For a floor we tried out the Lawrence light walnut whitewashed design. The floors aren’t just a heavier fabric you toss on the ground and spend the whole shoot chasing wrinkles. The WHCC floors are polyester and adhered to neoprene. The effect is a very sturdy floor that is relatively lightweight compared to other floor options out there. However, because it is thicker and flexible it gives a bit under a model’s feet. Not noticeable except in tight shots, and then probably only if you know what you are looking at but in straight line designs it can be an issue.

Color is much brighter and sharper in the floor prints than the backdrop printing, mostly due to materials used as best we can tell. Still, be careful of what floors and backgrounds you put together if you are working with a muted background.

Overall though, the floor construction is a great solution to problem of a easily stored floor while avoiding wrinkling during shooting.

Flooring sizes and pricing (as of this posting – subject to change):
4′ x 8′ for $250
8′ x 8′ for $430
12′ x 8′ for $620
Note that floors are all comprised of 4′ x 8′ sections. Larger sizes are created by placing multiple pieces side by side.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, the WHCC backdrops and floors are definitely something to consider. If you have the budget I would say give them a try. It’s nice to see backdrops and floors with more pluses than minuses for a change.


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