Have you chased a comet before? Comets are finicky things, prone to fizzling out or hiding behind the horizon, and we don’t often get a chance to photograph them. This year we have two chances at comet photography. Nearer the close of 2013 we’ll be watching to see if ISON burns brightly but for now the show is up to PANSTARRS.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, PANSTARRS has been visible for a while now, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere though PANSTARRS is just now showing up above the horizon. On March 10th PANSTARRS will be at its brightest and visible just above the horizon in the West at twilight. From then through the end of March the comet will climb higher in the sky, offering more chances for catching a glimpse (and a photo) of the comet.

Find out how to photograph a comet with my article at Wizzley, How to Photograph Comet ISON and Comet PANSTARRS.


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