Tilt Shift Effect in Photoshop Elements

Love tilt shift but can’t afford a dedicated tilt shift lens and the idea of mobile phone apps being your only outlet leaves you sweating in horror?  No fear, I’ve got the tutorials for you.  Photoshop Elements 11 has a “guided edit” to create this effect but if you’re like so many, Elements 11 leaves you cold and you have moved on to other programs or reverted to an earlier Elements version.

Written step by step to guide you through the process regardless of your skill level in photo editors, I have a tutorial for you that shows you the manual way to create a tilt shift effect.  Written using Photoshop Elements 10, this tutorial shows you the steps needed regardless of your editing program (provided it supports layer masks)…your buttons may just be labeled slightly differently.  These are hosted on the site of my friend and graphics software guru, Sue Chastain.

Step by Step Tilt Shift Effect (any version supporting masks)

Step by Step Tilt Shift Effect (using PSE 11 Guided Edit feature)

Enjoy!  And I’d love to see your tilt shift creations!  Just post/link in the comments.



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