Adobe Takes Photoshop Off the Shelves and Into the Clouds

Ok, I’ll be right up front about this. I do NOT like cloud computing. I’ve don’t trust it. Call me a dinosaur but if I’m sharing files between my devices enough to need a “cloud” I’ll set up my own server/host and keep control of my content. I don’t like having to rely on someone else to decide security, compression rates, storage limits, and terms of service. To quote Daffy Duck, “It’s mine, MINE! It’s all MINE!”

Now Adobe is following in Microsoft’s footsteps and taking its biggest product set into the Cloud. New versions of Photoshop and related Creative Suite programs are now going to be Create Cloud Apps and only available via a subscription service. With subscriptions running as high as $79.99 a month and the specter of not being able to access your own files on your own computer if at some point in the future you can no longer afford the cost (or some huge disaster strikes and Adobe folds) unless you’ve saved the files into older program versions anyway I honestly don’t see the point.

Want the details of what is included and what isn’t? Check out my less opinionated and “just the facts M’am” article on Wizzley.


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