Why I HATE Pink

Breast Cancer Swords of Damocles, www.lizmasoner.wordpress.com, photos via Pixabay

Breast Cancer Swords of Damocles, http://www.lizmasoner.wordpress.com, photos via Pixabay

Nope, this isn’t a feminist rant about pink everything for little girls (A pink Hunger Games bow? REALLY?). Why I hate pink is very simple…breast cancer awareness overload. Especially bad in October, everywhere I look is some version of the message “YOU’RE GONNA DIE!” And I always hear that phrase sung by Axel Rose in “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Have you had a mammogram yet? Is a phrase no one but a doctor should be uttering to me and I’m not posting stupid messages about “going to Paraquay for 80 months” or “Orange” on my Facebook status (made up colors/numbers, don’t read much into that, I’ve never owned an orange bra in my life). And if one more person asks me to donate to Susan G. Komen (who spends next to nothing percentage-wise on research) I may have a public screaming fit. It’s to the point where I don’t even like seeing Pepto Bismol on the store shelves anymore because of the color. Sorry Pepto but you will forever be the color of the hated ribbons to me.

Look, if people don’t know that breast cancer is out there and is a really bad thing by now, they aren’t gonna listen to anything you say or plaster across the world in pink. Those of us fully aware of this killer are tired of being reminded and told “YOU’RE GONNA DIEEEEEEE” every two minutes. You want to really make a difference? Stop hanging swords of Damocles over our heads and tying them with “pretty pink bows”.

Speak up and fight for better screening procedures. As it stands now upwards of 50% of women getting mammograms at some facilities are called back with vague comments of “something” showing up on the screen. Some women honestly spend 3 months out of the year waiting on an appointment, waiting on results, melting down in tears repeatedly waiting for a new appointment, getting scanned again, waiting on results, melting down again as they are called back again, waiting for an appointment, getting pieces of their bodies cut out, waiting on results, begging for results, waiting still longer for results, and then finally being told nothing is there or something is really there. THIS is why women don’t get mammograms. Not cost, the insanity of the process.

You wanna make a difference? Stop telling us that we are going to die if we don’t go spend 1/4 of our year in doctors offices and help find better ways to screen for this killer. Before you donate to a “breast cancer charity” find out what they actually fund. Stand with the woman in your life as she navigates this awful gauntlet every day of her life. And stop making it the popular thing to do with regards to a pink ribbon. Breast cancer research and advocacy isn’t a popularity contest or cool thing.




2 thoughts on “Why I HATE Pink

  1. That’s an interesting look at Pinktober. I didn’t really think of the pink tidal wave in that way–actually I think it’s great that awareness has grown over the last few years–but I agree that wearing pink while doing nothing is just as bad as not wearing pink while doing nothing. Plus, I’m a huge skeptic that cancer research really does anything at all–especially breast cancer research. I think our lifestyles cause most cancers. Want to help cure breast cancer? Use the money you would have spent on pink clothing and “Save the ta-tas” bumper stickers to buy yourself or your friend food without so many toxins and hormones. Just my opinion. Thanks for the blog post!

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