Throwback Thursday: 2004 Edition

As photographers, there are more times we look in our archive and think “what was I thinking” or “I stunk” than times we find photos we still like. It’s part of what we are, we are horrible critics of ourselves. Throwback Thursday is a chance to dig back into the archives and just look at photos for what we liked when we took them, not critique into oblivion. So screw your courage to the sticking place and open those old files.

Throwback Thursday:  2004 Edition,

Throwback Thursday: 2004 Edition,

This is a shot from a 4th of July celebration waaaaaay back in 2004 when I was shooting for a small-town newspaper. I was never happy with the framing (that happens when walking backward in a crouch while trying not to get run over) but I still love the look on the little boy’s face.



One thought on “Throwback Thursday: 2004 Edition

  1. yeah, the little boy is very cute. 🙂 I think you took great photo.
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    I would like to learn from another photographers. Please comment and give some advices on the photo. Thanks!

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