Hackers Turn Their Attention to SD Cards

So you thought your SD cards were safe did ya? Guess again. Team Kosagi recently released information on how simple it is for knowledgeable DIYers and hackers to modify an SD card to hold a lot of malicious code to be activated at a later time.

Now, even to someone like me who grew up as computers grew up, a lot of the report threatens to make my eyes glaze over. It took a lot of concentration to dig into what they were actually talking about. Mostly because, while I grew up playing with electronics, I’ve gotten very lazy in my old age and want my gear to do its job without me threatening it with the soldering iron.

Long story short, not only can the micro controllers within your SD cards (including micro SD and all variations there of) be turned into weapons against your camera or computer, the hackers also found that many cards were absolute garbage inside. Some cards had poorly recycled memory inside the cards with up to 80% of the available space comprised of bad sectors. That’s right, that bargain card you just bought may not be such a bargain.

So what’s the takeaway of all this?
1. Don’t let your memory cards out of your sight.
2. Only buy quality cards from reputable manufacturers and dealers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell my PNY cards just how wonderful they are again.

PS: Remember to delete all your photos after transferring copies to your computer and then reformatting your memory cards before the next use to help minimize bad sector creation.



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