The 2″ Snow Armageddon

Southern snow is a rarity and few understand how to drive in it. Those with 4x4s are fine but dodging the little cars that have spun out and winching them out of ditches takes time. Add in a forecast that said “it won’t stick” that was horribly wrong and we have a mess in central Alabama. A couple of inches of snow and a few hours to go of snow. So far people are stuck on the roads for hours trying to make 10 minute drives.

Part of the problem is our terrain. It’s hilly…very hilly and with lots of steep curves. Even knowing how to drive in bad weather makes some of these roads a mess.

In any event, say a prayer for the thousands still on the roads today in below freezing weather. Tomorrow it’ll melt. But for now we have a royal mess, including kids stuck in schools because buses can’t run.

Southern Snow,

Stay warm,


3 thoughts on “The 2″ Snow Armageddon

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