Alabama Snow and Misplaced Blame

Ok, one more weather post and then I’ll try to get back to photography posts…promise.

3″ is the final total for my backyard. The streets are icy ruts where snow has been melted by cars and then refrozen. Cars can pass if they use some common sense. Yet there are still many people stranded in emergency shelters up and down interstates, stuck at work, stuck at school, just plain stuck. There have been awesome tales of folks helping each other out. But then…Lots of very cruel comments, bordering on criminal threats, have been lobbed in the direction of the meteorologists in central Alabama over the few inches of snow that fell yesterday.

Ok, so the snow got here earlier than the weather folks thought it would. Ok, so the snow actually came further north than they thought it would. For those of us who have lived in this state for the better part of half a century now (oh cripes, when did I get that old), we looked at the forecast and knew this would be one of those storms where we got nothing or it would be really bad. Why? Because we’ve seen this forecast before. If it’s forecast for Montgomery and not North Alabama, WATCH OUT! A couple degree shift and here it comes with extra fury. Does that make long time state residents better? Nope? Just old and cranky.

But it brings up a big point. Beyond the entire argument about people just being filled with mean-spirited hate, why not take some responsibilities for your own actions? When the radar shows snow at 6 AM but the forecast still says no worries, how about you use your brain and keep an eye on things? When you are at work (or home and the kids at school) and the snow starts to stick on the sidewalk, how about you tell your boss you’ve got to go (use a sick day, whatever) or you go check your kids out of school instead of waiting two hours for them to decide to “let everyone go”? How about you use your brain and be responsible for yourself?

Now, of course, some folks couldn’t leave work without losing their jobs. Some had to wait. Ok, so now what? How about catching a ride with a co-worker who has 4×4 instead of driving a tiny 2 wheel drive car with road slicks or actually weighting down the back of that pickup so you don’t slide like monkey spit? How about you looked at the temperature forecast the day before and filled up with gas, packed extra blankets in the car, bought hand-warmers, etc.? How about when you see that your vehicle can’t make the run, or how the 10 thousand other people jamming the interstate can’t drive, you find a place to park or return to a warm office building instead of adding to the problem? How about you at least pull your car out of the middle of the traffic lane before abandoning it so that you don’t foul up traffic even further? How about you *gasp* TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF?

THREE INCHES people! Three inches of snow was not the problem, people not thinking for themselves was the problem. So before you blame Mark Prater, James Spann, or any of the other weather folks, take a long hard look at yourself.




2 thoughts on “Alabama Snow and Misplaced Blame

  1. EXACTLY!!! Liz, you nailed it — hard and accurate as hell!! Since when did Personal Responsibility become a dirty word(s)???? ….and Thank you for letting my know I’m not the only cranky-with-absurd-human-idiocy person out there!! ;-D

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