Let the Thaw Begin

OK, so it is still weather related. But it’s a photo!

The snow is retreating and the leaves and grass are beginning to show again (yup, down here we get falling leaves all through winter until spring starts the blooming again).

Now those still stuck at the top of hills begin their treks to the valleys as the sun melts the ice from the road (seriously, we have hills that would make San Francisco scared). Some will see home for the first time this evening as hills become passable. Businesses grudgingly stay closed another day as interstates still aren’t cleared of abandoned vehicles. Oh sure, people can get to work, it’s getting home that’s the problem. They’ll be a second run on grocery stores as those who couldn’t get out for supplies roam the aisles eating produce after a day or two of eating strange combinations of whatever was left in the pantry.

The thaw begins, www.lizmasoner.wordpress.com

The cleanup continues and the recriminations continue, mostly at officials and forecasters. I still say you can’t blame them for not taking your own fate into your own hands. I also wish people would just stop blaming folks altogether. The roads went bad within 15 minutes. We can’t get through a normal rush out without 10 wrecks, of course things went horribly wrong when the emergency crews couldn’t come clear the roads of the normal wrecks plus weather wrecks.

Oh, and the Yankees laugh at us. That’s ok, we’re used to it. Ya’ll keep on laughing. We like our part of the world, where it is often 60+ degrees in the dead of winter. Where the tea is iced and the sky is a clean blue. Where many don’t have to lock their doors at night. Where neighbors took stranded travelers into their homes. Where businesses like Chick-fil-A gave away hundreds of meals to people stuck on the road. Where we don’t have to worry if we’re going to be attacked if we wreck. Where people with 4 wheelers and mules (a type of off road vehicle) made as many trips as they could find gas for to pick up travelers and take them to warming stations.




2 thoughts on “Let the Thaw Begin

  1. Hey, not all us “northerners” laughed, ya know!! 😉 And no matter ~where~ I see it, I will ALWAYS applaud those people who cared enough about others to get out there and help. “Who is my neighbor?” Hey folks…just take a look around. You have a whole planet full of them!! And THANK YOU Liz, for being one of those GOOD neighbors!!

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