February Special – Composition in Photography at Half Price

February is an interesting month. English teachers spend the month trying to convince kids to put the first “r” in the word. The greeting card industry, candy industry, and others try to make us spend a fortune on junk because of “Valentine’s Day.” There are more “February is so and so month” declarations than you can keep straight without a scorecard. Oh, and the weather tends to get really psychotic here in the South. In the past we’ve had snow and tornadoes in February. So whatever 2014 has in store you can bet it’ll be interesting.

Be prepared for the February chaos by brushing up on your photography skills!

Composition in Photography by Liz Masoner

Composition in Photography by Liz Masoner

(And now for the sales pitch.)

For February 2014 I’m offering my Composition in Photography ebook at half price. $1.50 won’t get you a lens cap but it will get you lots of tips on making great photos…at least this month. Composition in Photography is available at Barnes and Noble online as well as iTunes, Nook, Sony, and Kobo. But you can only get the special price directly through SmashWords (all formats available including Kindle) with coupon code: BT26R.




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