Barb Crews Bids Farewell to Collectibles

Many of you know I wrote the content for Photography for years before a rather draconian contract (with regard to image rights) led me to leave that position. I still have many friends who write amazing content at Barb Crews is one of those dear friends.

She has written and managed the Collectibles and Collecting site nearly two decades. Now, I admittedly don’t have a lot of collections. Rambunctious cats pretty much ensure I can’t have anything breakable that isn’t safely locked away. However, I can live vicariously through the wonderful photos and information Barb posts about various collectibles. As of March, Barb is moving on up to her own stand alone site.

I thought that this would be a great opportunity to point my readers to Barb’s new site and her vast knowledge of collectibles (sorry for the coming deluge of antique camera questions Barb) and show you some of my favorite pieces from her About site over the years. So take a moment to dig through the old About site and check out her new digs at

Beanie Baby Hub (Always useful in talking various relatives out of crazy Beanie Baby purchases.)
Kids and Collecting (Great info on helping kids figure out what to collect and even if they should collect.)
Glass (I live in an area where Fire-King pieces are still used in many kitchens. This article has saved many a bowl from being used into oblivion.)
How Much is that Collectible Worth (TONS of price guides.)


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