$30 to Spend at CanvasPop

Those of you who read my work at About.com Photography (before the great draconian rights grab contract battle of ’12) know I’m a fan of the work done by the guys (and gals) at CanvasPop.

Well, for one reason and another, I wound up with a $30 product credit for CanvasPop that I can’t use before it expires on Monday. Rather than let it go to waste I’m offering it here a random person chosen from anyone that comments with their favorite article I’ve ever written. The article can be from here, About.com Photography, DPS, Memorability, anywhere I’ve written. Even the magazine articles and ebooks I’ve written are ok. Why not just post the code? Well, I don’t want a to flood the CanvasPop system with an already used/expired code as people try to see if it just might maybe work when they find this post 6 months down the road.

So, in the comments on this post you need to enter the following:

  • The name of your favorite article I’ve ever written
  • Where the article was published
  • A link to that article (if it is online)
  • A way for me to get in contact with you (a message via my Facebook or Google+ pages is fine just state your unsername for the preferred platform so I can find you)

Some restrictions/important info:

  • I can NOT help you with problems with the code if you win
  • U.S. folks only, I don’t think the code works for international orders
  • I’ll draw a name by 6pm Central time tomorrow (23 March 2014)
  • I’m not responsible if your contact information is faulty or you do not respond to me in time to use the code
  • I’m not responsible for ANY issues with CanvasPop
  • In general, I’m trying to pass on a great product code, I’m not offering anyone cash or on the hook for errors/problems/general oopsies in trying to pass this on.

I look forward to seeing what articles you really liked.



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