My name is Liz Masoner and I’m a photographer.  I have been involved with photography for about 30 years (and if any of you know just how that much time flew by that fast I’d love to know).  My first love is nature photography but I have experience in a wide range of photography types.  I’ve been a photojournalist, an event photographer, a portrait photographer, a photography teacher, and a photography writer as well.

Photography has afforded me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and witness awesome sights at close range.  I’ve photographed governors and world karate champions.  I’ve stood too close to a fire covering a city block until my lungs burned from poisoned smoke and I could barely stumble back to the car (hey, no one said photojournalists were smart).  I’ve seen polite photographers and I’ve seen other photographers nearly knock mothers down so they could photograph the children with Santa first.  I’ve had the joy of watching students learn to take fabulous photos and I’ve seen photographers snarl at other photographers purely because of the type of camera gear they do (or don’t) own.


Need photos? Send me your needs list, preferred licensing, and budget requirements to see how I can help you with your photo needs.


I shoot a very limited number of wedding and portrait sessions a year. Please contact me to see if I have any current openings.

Writing Services

Need a how to article? A photo product review? Updates on the latest photography news? Perhaps an opinion piece on something happening in the photo world? Shoot me an email with a project proposal.


Email lizmasoner at bellsouth . net


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Liz…I have taken several photos of you taking pictures at a barrel race at the Randall County arena. The wind was blowing out of the east and you were sitting on the west side with dust covering you with every horse and rider. I was amazed that you personally was sitting there in the dirt, but to have that big Canon camera/lens with you was something I couldn’t bring myself to do.

    I enjoy looking and learning from all you stuff. I’m a fan and I hope to meet you someday…

    • Hey Ronnie, afraid that wasn’t me. I don’t even know what state would have a Randall County. And while I readily admit to getting too close to the action sometimes I can promise I’d always have a big ugly plastic bag over my gear to keep that dust out (even if I neglect a face mask for myself). Oh, and I shoot Pentax. lol 🙂

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